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04 December 2009 @ 04:18 pm
So, I've finally written something. Probably not worth posting, but I posted it anyway. :)

My question for you guys: How do you feel about posting fanfiction on livejournal? Love it, hate it? Pros, cons? My tendencies towards OCD usually leave me preferring to have all my work in one place, like on the Boards, so I'm not sure how I feel about putting it up here. Feel free to share your opinions. :)

And maybe if you guys convince me, I'll put my newest story up here, but for now if you're interested, you can find it here on JC. :)

Here's some info- you might recognize the quote that inspired it! :p

Old Stuff
Summary: Sometimes, you've got to learn to love what's good for you.
Characters: Zekk, Jaina Solo, Darci
Pairings: J/Z/D

A for that other Zekk piece I mentioned to you guys before, I'm still thinking about going back to it- so I might have another surprise for you. :
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12 November 2009 @ 11:15 pm
I'm still here! Life hasn't completely sucked me away again yet.

So tonight I went to see Star Wars in Concert, and let me just say... it was epic. My friend and I got there an hour and a half early so we'd have plenty of time to check out the museum exhibit and we chased down everyone in costume to get a picture. It was great. Sadly, Darth Vader and R2 weren't posing for pictures- they had to constantly keep moving and make the rounds or the crowds would get unbelievable. So, we just have some very paparazzi-style pictures of them. However, Darth Vader did brush by me. Twice. It was great. :)

The show itself was awesome, too. The musicians did an incredible job, and all the effects were really great. And, of course, seeing all the clips shown on a three-story high LED screen didn't hurt any. :) And seeing Anthony Daniels so close was awesome, obviously- we were on the floor, maybe five or six rows back from the front. He narrates the show, between the songs and the clips, and the whole crowd went absolutely crazy when he did one of his lines as 3PO from Episode V.

The enthusiasm is still in the process of wearing off, if you couldn't tell. :p
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19 October 2009 @ 08:50 pm
Well, all my promises and resolutions to stay on task and quite with the procrastinating never do seem to work out, do they?

At least lately I have a pretty legitmate excuse- homework and working are eating away my life. This past week I finally had some free time, so of course I decided to spend it cleaning (the place needed it, let me tell you). And cleaning was actually fun- not because I 'm particularly fond of cleaning, but because it wasn't anything homework or work-related. I turned up the music and went to town, and it was great... if this is growing up, I'm not that excited.

Anyway, even though I very nearly have no life right now, I've been missing more than ever the online communities I used to be a part of, and the writing and drawing I used to do so much that I haven't had time for in ages. I don't think I've picked up a pencil and sat down to draw in months. It's been even longer since I've written anything- maybe at least a year since I've written anything worth reading. I'd love to pick it up again- writing and drawing. I visited the boards tonight when I had a free minute and ended up spending entirely too much time there (of course :p), and actually felt enough inspiration to start a small piece on Zekk- it's very rough, not very good at all, and I'm not sure I'll ever post it, but it was really good to be at it again. If anyone has any inspiration or ideas, please do let me know- I could use the escape. :)

And while I'm at it, if anyone even reads my posts anymore- check out  ennta 's most recent J/Z fanmix!

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02 March 2009 @ 09:11 pm
Remember that little photo of Zekk I toyed around with? Well, it may or may not be part of a re-design for Vent Crawler.

Parts of it anyway. I kept the old fashioned robes in an effort to stay a bit truer to the Blood Oath cover.

It's a re-design I've been fairly pleased with, to say the least.

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15 February 2009 @ 11:49 pm
Well, I've certainly been neglecting this here journal for a while- 33 weeks according to the little notification on the home page.

Anyhow, after looking at and considering the Blood Oath cover for several weeks, I decided to try out a little Photoshop fun on it. Just to try and make Zekk look a little younger- smoother, less wrinkled skin, take the shine that made his hair look gray out. Not having used Photoshop in some time now, I got into the little project and went so far as to manipulate it further. So, here's my end result:

The shirt is actually from this photo of Jacen Solo from Wookieepedia, altered a bit.

Yes, this is how I spend large quantities of my free time... why do you ask?

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27 June 2008 @ 06:21 pm


Vent Crawler - a character shrine with a TFL-approved fanlisting devoted to Zekk is up, and nearly complete with the exceptions of a few minor sections. I encourage Zekk fans to check it out- the fanlisting only has 5 members so far. Fanfiction, fanart- anything is welcome to be added to the site. 

Also, I'm starting a little J/Z project. I'm not sure how it will turn out, or even how it will start, but I've got a few ideas- I'll probably write more as I figure it out.

And, I’m still slowly making my way through LotF- I just finished Sacrifice the other night, and while I was disappointed by the lack of Zekk, Mara’s death was certainly something to behold.

                Poor Ben.

                Anyway, here are some random thoughts from throughout the series, only up until Tempest, though. It's all I had time for:


   The diminutive woman was dressed in the flowing gowns and profanely costly jewelry strands of a noblewoman of the Hapes Consortium; a semi-transparent veil concealed the lower half of her face. Her bodyguard stood in contrast to her in every way possible; tall, primitive and brutal of appearance, he wore the dusty robes and carried the crude blaster rifle of one of the Tusken Raiders, the Sand People of rural Tatooine, His features were concealed by the dust-storm-resistant mask that such beings usually wore in their own environment. – 66

                I must say, the idea that a Tusken Raider outfit makes for a good disguise comes as a shock to me. The Sand People are a notoriously violent, xenophobic people who live strictly ritualized schedules day to day on Tatooine and despise nearly all outlanders.

                No one happened to think it was strange to see Tusken Raider acting as a bodyguard for a Hapan woman?

    A passerby, a young woman with orange hair and a green, filmy dress, flashed Zekk a smile as she passed. Jaina felt a stab of irritation, pushed it from her mind. - 81

                Heh. Heh heh heh.

                And that’s all I have to say.

                   Wedge came to a stop so suddenly that Jaina almost bumped into him. They were in front of an air lock; Wedge’s datapad indicated that they were at the terminus of the red dotted line. He snapped the device shut. “In the wake of the attack, Tycho and I did the first, most obvious thing-“

                “You asked for brandy?” Zekk asked.

                “The tree speaks at last.” Tycho shook his head. “No, we asked for those selfsame holocam recordings that don’t exist.” – Betrayal, 211

I thoroughly enjoyed the scene between Wedge, Tycho, Jaina and Zekk. I couldn’t help but grin through all the banter.

   Leaving only Jedi,” Zekk said, “and a Jedi-in-law.”

                Han scowled at him. –220

                I was quite proud of Zekk here. Han deserved some of what he was giving out, himself. Han's attitude toward Zekk really irritates me.


Is it me?

                Is it me?

                Am I deluding myself, Jaina? Am I making the same mistake as Grandfather? I have days- most days- when I’m as certain of this as I’ve ever been certain of anything. And then I have sleepless nights when I wonder if the path of the Sith is a lasting solution for peace in the galaxy, or if that’s my ego speaking for me. It terrifies me. But if I were motivated by ambiton, then I wouldn’t suffer this doubt, would I? Jaina, I can’t tell you all this, not yet. You wouldn’t see it. But when you do, remember that you’re my sister, my heart, and that part of me will always love you, no matter what.

                Good night, Jaina.

                                delete * delete * delete – 24

                Ah, this little message really struck me. There was so much talk of, so much along the lines of, “Oh, Jaina- you’re his twin, you must know what’s going on’, but up until this point I don’t think the authors have really delved into the fraying relationship between Jacen and Jaina that much, besides scratching over the surface, and that’s something I’d really like to see explored.

Okay, maybe I’ll relax by asking Zekk what his intentions are towards Jaina.”

                “That would help matters a lot…”

                “I liked Kyp better. Whatever happened there?” Han asked. “And what about Jag?”


                May I ask, since when?

                It didn’t feel to me like either Kyp or Jag were on Han’s nice list during NJO in regards to his daughter.

                Perhaps I missed something?

   "Take care of yourself, Jaina.”

                Well, at least she managed that much, thought Han. Jaina turned and took a couple of strides before glancing back at Jacen. “You don’t feel right to me lately, Jacen. Are you in trouble?”“And you.”

                Jacen smiled as if he was getting her to thaw a little and was relieved. “Just busy, that’s all.” –130

                I loved this little bit. 

                Several raging plot bunnies were spawned from this bit.

   "To see a Jedi take up his lightsaber against civilians is shocking. But to see the son and nephew of the leader of the Jedi council doing it is heartbreaking.” – Cilgahl – 174



                   She didn’t want to be in love, not with him, not with Jagged Fel, not with anyone. She was the Sword of the Jedi, whatever that meant; she probably wasn’t even supposed to be in love.- 41

                ‘Cause she makes that so clear when she goes on to ogle them as they do their half-naked chin ups and all. *rolls eyes*

                    Jaina was so astonished that she stopped walking and simply stood there staring at Zekk’s broad back. She had broken off their romance when they were teenagers, and she had been trying to get him to stop pursuing her ever since. So why did it feel like she had suddenly lost something?

                Now that she understood what had happened, Jaina realized she could still feel Zekk’s presence in the back of her mind. He was strong and certain and independent…and so over her. He had granted her wish.

                And that was a good thing- it really was. –172

                She broke off their romance? I suppose. I still imagine it as more of a distancing kind of thing.

                Still, the JZ fangirl in me squees at the little implications in this, whether or not they mean anything.


    Tenel Ka entered, wearing an eletrotex flight suit tailored tightly enough to suggest that her physical training remained as intense as ever. She crossed to Luke and Mara, her radiant smile at odds with the aura of tension and worry that hung about her in the Force. –  239

Tenel Ka. Radiant smile.

I'll admit, it threw me a little.


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15 May 2008 @ 09:33 pm
I couldn't help it- I promised myself I wouldn't read any spoilers for Invincible, but there they were, the black bar-coded lines, right in front of me.

And I read it.


So, yes, a major plot point is now ruined for me. I'm certainly regretting that decision, telling myself 'Oh, it won't be anything major'.

All well. I'm still going to continue reading the series, I'm sure I'll still enjoy it. Besides, I've heard nothing about Zekk, and I've got to keep tabs on my boy, right?

One decent thing did come of it: resisting spoilers is much easier now. :D

Side Note: 
The song I'm listening to right now reminds me a little of J/Z. 
It's called 'Light In Your Eyes' by Blessid Union of Souls.

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01 April 2008 @ 06:26 pm
So, I noticed an old friend from TF.N, ennta  had one of these things, and I started sniffing around and saw how many others did, too. So, why not hop on the bandwagon, eh?

Besides, who else would tolerate random Star Wars, Harry Potter or otherwise totally irrelevant rants other than complete strangers with similar interests or buddies from JC? 

EDIT: Thought I'd mention a great video I came across on YouTube. You can check out the lovely father-daughterness of Han and Jaina here: Get Ready, Get Set, Don't Go.
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